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Well, we did it! Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the committee, our members, singers, friends and other groups in the community, including the local choir, Sponsalia, the festival (30th June to 3rd July 2016) was a great success. Our visitors and audiences complimented us on every aspect of the event, everything ran smoothly, everyone was fed and housed, transported and given as much shopping time as possible. The main aim of singing together was achieved and exceeded, in our magnificent venues, and the rain only came down when there were time and places to avoid it. The marquee at Epsom College was a major factor and a wonderful space to put on a good show. Any minor hiccups passed unnoticed.

Three concerts in as many days were preceded by a week of fun and song and dance in the Ashley Centre, with a good number of our local schools taking part, not to mention our visitors performing in the town following a civic welcome at the Playhouse. The visiting civic delegations were taken on a coach tour of the Borough, stopping off at the Racecourse, and being treated to tea at Nonsuch. We did ourselves and the Borough proud and are grateful for their support. We received thanks and congratulations from the Mayor and other council members who were very much in evidence throughout the weekend, and those sponsors who were able to attend. Our European visitors were thrilled and enjoyed every minute of their sadly too short stay. The best account of the weekend is shown in the pictures taken by Clive Richardson and Tony Rowe, a few of which can be seen by clicking here.

Thanks to careful negotiation and organisation, the amazing generosity of so many, and no major disasters, we also ended the weekend in a comfortable position financially.

Chantilly has bravely taken up the challenge yet again and will already be planning the 2018 Choral Festival. They have also suggested more cooperation and events involving the four twin towns together, perhaps sharing some of their regular festivals, e.g. Watermael-Boitsfort rugby tournaments, water sports in Überlingen, and maybe we can include some of them in a future Arts Festival or one of our sporting events. The committee will be looking at taking some of these ideas forward now we have recovered!

Once again, many, many thanks to you all for your hard work and support for what really was a major undertaking.

Diana Deavin, Vice Chairman and Festival Coordinator

Twin Towns Choral Festival June/July 2016